Jon was a professional athlete and has later worked developing, coaching and managing athletes. Combining these experiences with his applied sport physio therapy knowledge Jon applies these learned principles to athletic movement, sport specific play and team organisation like no other.
Jon's unique infectious passion and commitment to human performance is second to none. He has and continues to inspire many practitioners including myself and those delivering performance science and medicine.
I see many successful people in sport but Jon still stands out as one of the most striving, inspirational, passionate, selfless, hardworking guys in the industry.
Truly unique, truly inspirational

September, 2018

Jon Whitney is an enthusiastic and energising performance coach who, through his FAST Zone concept, has enabled players to maximise their potential as athletes. The FAST Zone combines strength and conditioning with functional sports specific exercises that Jon can tailor to specific positions and individual training programmes.
Jon was responsible for rehabilitating many players returning from serious injury and for prolonging the careers of many older players. He creates an environment where players are encouraged to take ownership of their own development and the FAST Zone educates them in the ways in which they can improve.
Through a combination of the principles introduced by the FAST Zone and the education I received from Jon, I believe I was able to continually improve athletically and saw significant improvements in my athletic performance

September, 2018

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