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The FAST ZONE is a Unique training concept designed to prepare an athlete for the  future game and integrates advances in Sports Science with modern coaching methods to facilitate but not dictate the way we train our athletes. F.A.S.T is an acronym for Functional And Sports Specific Strength Training and the ZONE is used to promote a Culture where Attitude and Application are valued more highly than Ability alone.


Using personal experience and underpinned with evidence based practice, a series of progressive exercises and field based drills help to develop an athlete who is physically and mentally more robust and resilient. 

  • All sessions incorporate the integrative model of the English FA and enhance Physical, Technical, Tactical and Psychological elements.

  • Proven to Increase player training/match availability with improved performance levels and with a significantly reduced risk of injury.

  • All exercises and drills are designed around the movement patterns and physical performance metrics gathered from GPS data and video analysis from EFL and English Premier League matches.

  • Protocols are individualised and specific to a player's physical profile producing an efficient and explosive athlete who is able to cope with both the physical and psychological demands of the modern game. 


Whether individual or group based the FAST ZONE objective is to work along side and in unison with a club's medical, sports science and coaching staff. With an open and transparent communication pathway and shared values Jon's aim is to achieve  marginal gains which optimise a player's performance.

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