Due to the time and planning invested in most services offered,  Jon may require payment in full at the time of booking to secure your session if it is for 45+ minutes or not at the clinic. 

A period of at least 72hrs (3 days) notice must be given prior to session for cancellations. If a session is cancelled within this time period then the following will apply:


  • Re-schedule (within a 14 day period), Jon will try his best to re-schedule at a time that suits your preference, however, this may not always be possible.

  • If you cannot re-schedule within the 14 day period you will be charged for the missed session at 50% of the original booking price in order to recover losses. Where you have pre-paid, Jon will refund you the remaining 50% within the 14 days.

If you have paid up front and cancelled 3+ days prior to session, Jon will process your refund in full on the day of cancellation.

If you or the group are late for a session, this will not be extended and the session will end at the appointed time.


If Jon is late, additional time will be added to the session or to subsequent sessions.