group class

Jon can deliver his signature training concept within a group setting. 


A progressive and sports specific series of strength exercises and technical drills are used to develop a more explosive and robust athlete who moves with greater efficiency and with a significantly reduced risk of  future  injury.




Through functional screening and physical profiling Jon can highlight any predisposing risk factors to injury or impaired performance. 

The clinic also provides an assessment, treatment, and specialised rehabilitation service for both acute and chronic sports injuries. 


This service is ideal for professional athletes and corporate leaders. 


As your performance and life coach Jon will help you achieve a healthy work/life balance whilst optimising your performance levels through a bespoke one-to-one service.




Jon specialises in the profiling, recruitment and development of elite athletes and coaching staff.


Various high performance frameworks are used to enable the individual/group to maximise their potential and growth from both physical and financial perspectives.





I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jon Whitney who has helped me to ease my chronic injury problems, help prevent further injuries and increase my performance levels through his medical expertise and the participation in his signature F.A.S.T zone protocol/exercises. These exercises have helped relieve pressure on my joints, improve my functionality and consistency out on the training pitch which in turn has had a huge positive effect on my match day performances.
His knowledge of the human body and how it works in relation to top level sport is immense. He has an unerring way of translating his observations of individuals movement habits and how the F.A.S.T zone exercises can make those movements more efficient and effective in a way that is totally understandable and relatable to the athletes he’s working with. He explains the risks associated with the negative patterns and the benefits both for injury prevention and performance of mastering the correct patterns.
I signed for Walsall FC in 2011 at the age of 30, I was coming off the back of an injury plagued season at my previous club so I did not anticipate many seasons left playing the game I love. I am now 37 years old and about to start my 8th season at Walsall, over my time here I’ve played approximately 330 games in all competitions averaging 45+ games a season. I have no doubt in my mind this would not have been achievable without the expert help and guidance of Jon Whitney. 

Over the years working with Jon I have always admired how he continues to develop his skill set and constantly increases his knowledge staying up to date with the latest advancements in Sports Science, Nutrition, Physical Training and Medicine. As a player who had been prone to injury it gave me great confidence to see how he would plan, monitor and evaluate his sessions for the group always with an eye on the accumulative loading limitations of individuals and the associated increased risk of injury. I was also amazed at the variety of his sessions never having the feeling we were always doing the exact same thing. 

Lastly, the passion Jon shows for what he does and for life in general is truly inspiring. He uses this to continually motivate the athletes he’s working with, challenging them, demanding they push their limits beyond what they think is possible. 


AUGUST, 2018


m: 07515 753 890


Private Gated Access with Parking


Oakridge Business Centre

(Near Stafford Hospital)

Weston Road 

Stafford, ST16 3RS

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